Funding Education

Paying For Education

If you are like most parents, paying for education is probably the biggest expense you will have raising your children. It seems like every year, the costs for college keep going ever higher, outpacing inflation and (and your own income growth!).

That is why I created a completely separate section of my site devoted to helping parents put their kids through college.

In addition to saving your kid’s college, getting a loan or financial aid for education can be a further source of financing.

When I first found out about Upromise I was so excited! Why? Because you can save for your children’s education just by doing what you are already doing! When you sign up, a portion the money that you spend already on gas, groceries, resturants, online shopping and more get’s deposited in your account for their school expenses! It’s a completely free way to help you save for college.

With Upromise, a portion of the money you and your friends spend every day on groceries, resturaunts and and much more will go into an account for your children’s college! Upromise – FREE Money for College!