On line banking and on line bill payment

Online banking and bill payment

Online banking and bill payment has become more popular each year. This trend will only continue as more people use and become more comfortable with the Internet and realize how much time and money is saved by banking and paying bills online.

Most banks now offer online banking services. Companies also are ways to pay your bills online. It is faster, cheaper and yes, safer for companies and you!

Reasons to start online banking and bill payment:

  • Convenience - You can log on any time to pay your bills and check your account activity.
  • It saves you time - No longer do you have to waste hours, finding stamps, stuffing envelopes, making sure the address shows in the envelop window, no more writing checks and balancing your checkbook. With a few clicks, you can make your online bill payments.
  • Recurring payments don't even require your monthly attention. If the amount doesn't change from month to month, you simply setup a recurring bill payment for a company (For example, cable bills, loan payments, Internet charges and more).
  • Security - Yes, believe it or not, online banking and bill payments are quite secure. When you do your banking online, fewer people view your checks. When you log on to pay your bills, your information is encrypted and secured. In addition, there is a banking regulation called Regulation E. This provides financial protection in the event of fraud related to stolen checkbooks, credit cards or ATM debit cards. It also covers online banking! This regulation holds your liability to a maximum of $50.
  • Added tools - Some online banking and bill payment sites provide additional tools that allow you to download account information right into money management software programs like Quicken Premier.
  • Getting started with online banking and bill payment

Visit the web site of your local bank or if they don't have one, visit one of the many online bill payment services, from America Online, MSN Money, Yahoo! or Quicken.

Online banking and bill payment services tie in perfectly with money management tools such as Quicken Premier. Since you are already at your pc, paying your bills and banking online, you can utilize the benefits of these software management tools. You will be better able to create, follow and stick to a family or personal budget when you are banking online and using a a money management software program.

Online banking and bill payment is here to stay and will only grow because of the many advantages. If you haven't taken the first step, I recommend that you contact your bank or use a software program to get started.

I have used Quicken for over 10 years and recommend it 100%. It integrates with online bill payment sites. Click here to download and get started with Quicken Premier.

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