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Money Saving Grocery Shopping Tips
May 2004

A great way to help stretch your dollar and help with your monthly budget is to save on your grocery bills. Groceries are a large part of your budget, especially if you have kids! I compiled some tips that I have used with great success and saves me hundreds of dollars a year on my grocery bills.

  • One of my biggest suggestions is to eat before shopping! I don't know if you notice when you are shopping while hungry, but when you get to the checkout line, your cart is loaded! A lot of the purchases you make when you are hungry are impulse buys. Buying on impulse is not the way to shop.
  • This brings me to my next tip...Don't impulse buy! Stores know that consumers buy on impulse and they know the perfect placements for higher priced impulse products. Usually these are at the end of isles, in "clearance bins" or at the checkout line.
  • Make a list before you shop. This will help you purchase just what you need and no more. As you make your list, you can also check what you already have so you don't purchase items you don't need and forget to purchase items you do need!
  • Try the store brands. Not only are they cheaper than the name brands, but sometimes they are exactly the same! Sometimes the same factory makes the store brands and the name brands, but change the labeling.
  • Read and compare the cost per unit stickers. You will sometimes find that a product that costs less, has a higher per unit cost than other alternatives! Buy the lowest per unit cost groceries.
  • Clip coupons. Take the time to go through those coupons from the newspaper or in mailers you receive. There are also several online resources to shop for coupons. Some websites I have used are Valupage and Coolsavings.
  • Shop on days when coupons or store card promotions are in effect. Some stores have days when coupons are doubled. These savings will add up!

Saving on your grocery shopping bills is a great way to cut costs and stretch your money. By taking a little time to plan ahead you can trim those grocery bills and have more money for other things.

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