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Family Budget Sheet

I created this family or personal budget sheet to that will help you stick to your financial goals. This Excel worksheet can be modified any way you wish.

I created monthly columns because each month has different expense characteristics. You may go on a family vacation in June, spend money on presents for the holidays and have higher heating bills in the winter!

Download - Family Budget Sheet

Budget sheet tips:

  • Customize this budget sheet any way you need to reach your goals. You can easily add additional categories and adjust the formulas.
  • If you find yourself putting expenses in the "other" category, step back and examine what items you are putting in this category. Is it enough to justify a separate category? Are you hiding expenses there that you don't want to face? :)
  • Every day, or every week, take a look at your expenditures and categorize them for your budget worksheet. You don't want to have a wallet or purse full of ATM slips without any idea what they were used for. Document everything! You need to document all expense, so get the whole family involved!
  • Read my outline about how to create a budget!
  • Use my how to saving money tips page

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